Standard website development
980 €
Personal or company showcase website development, with no additional features
Static website with an average of 5 pages
Additional page cost: 135 €
Additional feature price (e.g. user registration, newsletter, blog, automatic posting on social): 300 €
Multilingual option price: 270 €
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Informative website development
470 €
Single personal or company page development, for informative purposes
Informative static website made of a single showcase page
Additional page cost: 135 €
Newsletter addition price: 300 €
Multilingual option price: 170 €
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E-Commerce website development
1380 €
Interactive E-Commerce website development made of three pages
Commercial page with user registration and payement methods handling
Additional page price: 190 €
Multilingual option price: 300 €
Update or assistance price: 45 €/hour
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Web-App Development
8970 €
Custom responsive Web Application
Designing and realising web-app has a highly variable cost, depending on its complexity. Starting from:
Additional Skype consultancy: 150 €/hour
Travel to user/customer: 250 €/hour
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IT Consultancy
Personalised consultancy service
Professional help for realising your own projects. The price can vary due to duration and complexity of the project. Starting from:
Part-time contract for 0-8 hour: 65 €/hour
Part-time contract for 8-40 hours: 45 €/hour
Full-time contract for 30-90 days: 290 €/day
Full time contract for 91-365 days: 180 €/day
Work at the headquarters (starting from 1 year): 250 €/day
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