Due to our professional experience, we can provide high-quality international consultancy. We offer tailored services while guaranteeing the maximum competence in interacting with English-speaking customers.


Italian companies with international customers

The proficient knowledge of spoken and written English and of technical English allows us to design, realise and deliver international projects in an agile and professional way. Therefore, we can enable Italian companies to expand their market without having to worry about the interaction in a foreign language.

This service is aimed at companies that want to carry out international projects, optimising time and resources, but with a guaranteed high standard result.

Realise your international projects without worrying of the interactions in english.

Foreign companies

Due to our professional experience, we can offer maximum professionalism in interacting with foreign companies or customers in English. Our knowledge of the language will ensure our capability to analyse the customer's need and provide the best consultancy for their project delivery. We are available for remote consultancy as well as face-to-face meetings, providing you with a direct line to our developers.

MirkoUrru.it is an international company, capable to provide services in Italy and abroad, with high standard results.

Flexibility and know-how at your service, abroad.